Philip Kavanagh is an artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. His practice utilises material, performative and theory oriented processes. The event is central in his work - immanent rituals prioritising a-signified intensities and shared experience over strictly textual encounters. Philip graduated in 2016 from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, with a Bachelors in History of Art and Fine Art Sculpture.

Recent Exhibitions include 'Live', graduate performance showcase (June.2016); 'Preserve / Change' 126 artist-run Gallery, Galway (Feb. 2016); ‘Hedgehog in the fog’, Raja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia (May 2015); ‘One last ditch chance at intimacy’ Eesti Muusika Paevad - Sound Installations, Taamsare Park, Tallinn, Estonia (April 2015); 'isfag' art happening, Isfag Gallery at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia (Feb. 2015); 'Studio', Eblana House, Marrowbone Lane. Dublin (Dec.2014); 'A Days Undoing', Eblana House, Marrowbone Lane. Dublin (Nov.2014).

Through performative inquiry and material assemblage, the research project 'day gaze' revels in the uncertainty associated with language and celebrates gesture, the body, material, and the presence of a potential experiential knowledge.

Culminating in a series of short, accumulative performances, the work takes the form of a staged theatrical production...a sort of play/mock lecture hybrid. The element helium is presented as a sort of protagonist, addressed within a script in terms of it's 'materiality' and 'vitality'. The performer delivers this monologue to the audience, and a plethora of scientific observation, historical reference, propositions and poetic speculation blend together, directing both performer and viewer towards a position of distance from the contents of the script. From this distance, the symbolic gestures that accompany the monologue are accentuated and an a-signified poetics past the limits of the script emerges. The work's climax sees the performer balance on the back legs of a chair, attempting to embody the qualities of the scripts protagonist.