I'm a 22 year old multi-disciplanry artist, based in Glasgow where I recently completed a BA (hons) in Fine Art Photography. I engage with a wide ranging source of influences, drawn from my experiences of travelling other cultures, and observations of the everyday. I aim to extend awareness and understanding of myself through my relationship to the world at large, and translate these sensations into universally relatable art objects, where the final form of an idea is governed by an intuitive engagement with materials.
Artist statement:
My work centres on the idea of evolutions and cycles. The changing states of things, materials and objects - transformation and metamorphosis, earthly processes, and expanses of time. Understanding the macro on a micro scale.
Through the placement of these elements within spaces, and the dialogues that open up between them, I hope to prompt a sensory encounter within fictitious landscapes which are rooted in a subconscious memory and connection to place. Spaces within which the viewer can begin to build an understanding of themselves, and the world around them through the dormant relationships which exist between the body, materials and objects. A sense of the theatrical is important.

These concerns are based in a very human nostalgia for, and romantic association with, the natural landscape. I am fascinated by the contradiction that lies in the act of artificially reproducing and mimicking what already exists, and disrupting the codes of value and desirability that modern culture has placed on the ownership of earthly materials such as granite, marble and stones. The nobility of humble things.

Untitled (Paper Compression) from Hanna Kopp-Young on Vimeo.