I am Flo, an Austrian artist , formed originally in contemporary circus , working with my one and only object the "roue cyr". It's a metal ring covered with gum, that I use now in its original form as acrobatic tool, but also as an object towards performances and installations, as well as exploring it as a musical instrument. The metal ring can be separated into three parts, and it's interesting to play with the different parts.

I love to work site specifically, I extensively research cultural identity as an Austrian, growing up in a catholic based culture whilst on the other hand being in the world of new circus and arts- which sometimes creates an inner conflict.

Similarities between the physical training with a metal ring and the physical work in agriculture, especially the mountain farmers, sweat, breathe, blood and the belief in a higher being. My performance talks about a love relation to an object which gets destructed into its single parts, it researches my identity, my growing up in religious, catholic mountain circumstances, being confronted with the question of sin and repentance, incredible nature and the wish to break free.