"You focus. What is before you becomes the world. The edges of that world disappear as

you zoom in. The object - say the paper, and the thoughts that gather around the paper

by gathering as lines on the paper - becomes what is given by losing its contours [...]

Then, behind you, someone calls out your name. As if by force of habit, you look up, you

even turn around to face what is behind you. But as your bodily gestures move up, as you

move around, you move out of the world, without simply falling into a new one. Such

moments when you 'switch' dimensions can be deeply disorientating. [...] They are

moments in which you lose one perspective, but the 'loss' itself is not empty or waiting; it

is an object, thick with presence."

- Sara Ahmed - Queer Phenomenology


Spelling errors/typos in this edition of 'Little Performance' courtesy of the artist.

I Need To Taslk To You is a small performance, meagre intervention or tiny sabotage by British artist Karl Arbuthnot.