A unique, ever-evolving performance that uses interactive theatre, dance and life art to show us the naked body and sacred feminine as we never see them.

Girl in Suitcase celebrates female power and sexuality, and embraces death as a natural part of the life cycle. The show is a tour de force engaging the relationships between the performers. The model is shown transitioning from object to subject in all her naked glory.

The show combines theatre and performance art with an inversion of a life drawing class. The models redefine the boundaries between artist and muse, and instruct the audience in how to draw them, as well as paint on them.

The sacred feminine is a driving force in the piece. It is characteriswed by ancient Goddesses, and reclaims menstrual rites. The work is structurally informed by the life cycle of Woman, phases of the Moon, and the rolling seasons.

The play evolved from the imaginations of a working life model (2009), into an autobiographical tale of Mother and daughter (2011 - 14), finally becoming an entire expression of Womanhood as it is today. Appealing to both an audience who like to draw, and one preferring to keep their eyes on the action throughout. It has involved live musicians (from The Next Room), as well as recorded music.

Girl in Suitcase is Esther Bunting supported by an ever changing cast.