Since the birth of photography, it has been necessary for painting to find a new voice. It must say something which cannot be expressed with a camera. My practice is rooted in traditional representation and methods, but I constantly challenge my understanding of the medium, and explore ways paint can represent effects such as light, time, movement and climate. Drawn to dark spaces, I try to use the marks available to me as economically as possible, distilling the image/feeling/moment into what is necessary Paint enables me to explore my world, and lends a voice with which to comment on modern life.

Having grown up in rural Devon, I have always been interested in landscxape and the environment. My traditional university training nurtured this interest and also led me to explore life drawing and portraiture. After continuing my studies to complete an MA in Fine Art in Wimbledon, I moved to Brighton where I now live and work. I exhibit regularly all over the UK, and I also teach life drawing and painting at Draw,Brighton and at the Camden Arts Centre. 

 Fallen Tree, Fristen Forest (50 x 50cm) Oil on Board

Frosty Morning, Devon (50 x 50cm) Oil on Board 

Instow (20 x 20cm) Oil on Board

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (20 x 20cm) Oil on Board