Experiencing shows, it's people and the noises.


In conversation with  Helena Crabtree.


Down through town to Brocket at 16 Windmill Row.


Corner on the Row.


Through and down the stairs, from shop to show. An untreated Perspex rests whilst its shadow leans.


A grate gives way to light and the shop above, below 'the work sits in a constant state of flux.' 


Architecture, Light and Shadow is equaled through the work and space it resides in. This is the work of Helena Crabtree, and there couldn't be a better place to exhibit her work, Brocket on the Row. 


Another Perspex rests, across a 23 x 15 cm. The simplicity of the pieces make them stand out - whilst some merge with their surroundings and become part of the space. 


Shadows created will disappear at night and awaken again to greet its viewer in the morning. 


At first glance these works appear to be about surface, 'but on closer inspection it reveals the complexities of the visual shifts and changes that are of interest to the artist.'


The white and bold and black, with the rough cement supporting, create a shadow, which is swallowed under to reemerge from wall to floor. 


I lean on the wall and my shape is repeated in colourful 360. The shelves support a piece or three with a slight degree, whilst another uses the available juts and open space to play its part in what is a wonderful show.