Born in Räng, Sweden 1991

Lived and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam 1994 – 2009

Lives in Helsingborg, Sweden/ Hanoi, Vietnam


In my work I shift between reality and fantasy. Myths and stories have very strong presence and effective visual communication. I take advantage of their universal core to amplify the questions I try to raise in my art. I like the idea of creating my own mythologically inspired pieces that require my presence as an individual to "awaken" a personal meaning. These pieces created by me are linked to me and they narrate a story about me, my thoughts and longings. My longing to communicate and to solve the internal confusions caused by an undefined cultural identity.

I am interested in rituals, both simple daily rituals that are an integral part of our lives as well as sophisticated and elaborate rituals. My performances and work tend to take the shape of a ritual. My paintings and sculptures are repetitive and time consuming. When I work on them I enter a ritual, a personal ritual that is frustrating at the same time as it is therapeutic.



"Seance: Ba oi chau nho ba lam", 2012, Sculpture/ Performance.

A sculpture/ performance piece from 2012 inspired by Vietnamese ancestor veneration traditions. A paper representation of Sleipnir, the 8 legged horse from Norse Mythology who could transcend between realms was burnt together with a personal letter and sent to my deceased grandmother in the afterlife. It is a Vietnamese Ancestor Veneration tradition to make colourful paper representations of everyday objects and burn them for the dead.


"Ritual Ramblings: Helkappe", 2014, Sculpture (Vietnamese lacquered papier mache masks) / Performance.

10 sculptures of Nordic Bronze Age shamanistic masks called Helkappes used as tools to establish communication with the other world. I use them during a performance/ ritual to reflect on the longing for communication.

The performance has the duration of approximately 30 minutes and is repeated everyday during the opening of the exhibition at a specific time. During the performance i sat in the circle of masks and tried on every mask while also continuously creating new ones. This repetitive act is symbolic of the obsession to reach an answer, to find a form of peace and belonging through an attempt at communication.