This month’s features are Bartosz Beda (front cover) and Marion Stuart

Bartosz Beda uses harrowing subject matters to deliver paintings that are aesthetically alluring. Emulating current affairs, Beda develops a discourse between himself and the viewer. Beda’s work has been chosen for this month’s front cover which depicts a complex debate using a calm colour palette, thus juxtaposing the subject against the image.

Marion Stuart works with ceramics to develop a narrative through images and text oxidised on to the works. The fragility of the porcelain delivers a contrast between the object against its context.

Bartosz Beda (born in 1984, Poland) relocated to the UK in 2008 to study at the Manchester School of Art. After graduating with BA in Fine Art in 2011, Bartosz was selected for the 2012 Catlin Art Guide for most promising emerging artists in the UK. He progressed onto the Masters programme at Manchester Metropolitan University to develop his practice as a painter. Beda was short-­listed for the Title Art Prize, the Door Prize, and The Saatchi New Sensations 2012, and won esteemed Torwy Award for the Best of the North of England in 2012. In 2014, Beda was short-­listed for the Combat Art Prize in Italy, finalist for the Williams Drawing Prize in Connecticut, USA and won the second prize for Viewpoints 2014 at the Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art in New Jersey, USA. He was awarded a six-­month scholarship from Manchester Metropolitan University to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany, in 2012/13, where he developed concepts for his work. Beda shows his work nationally and internationally. He has participated in many group shows in Poland, Germany, Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Colombia. Some of these shows include: Microarte. El tamano si importa, Galeria Liebre, Madrid, Spain, 2012; Schools of Art. Voll.3, Oktogon der HfBK Dresden, Germany, 2013; Petty Theft, Launch f18, New York, USA, 2013; ; 9th National Exhibition at Axis Gallery, California, United States. He has had solo exhibitions in Poland, United Kindgom, Spain and Colombia and has upcoming solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad. His works are in private collections throughout Europe, the United States, South Africa and Colombia. Before relocating himself to England, Beda was worked on animation in the film making industry. He has worked on two movie productions, Ichthis by Marek Skrobecki (2005) and Peter and the Wolf by Suzieh Tempelton (2006), which received the Oscar Prize in 2007. This involvement provoked his interest in stop motion and working from images themselves. His interest in painting began from a young age, and he always knew that it would be his profession. He is a very dedicated painter and for him painting is a medium where he can fully express his passion. Beda's work has been widely reviewed and referenced. He was interviewed for The Independent, A-­N Magazine, MAstars at Axisweb, Arteon Art Magazine, Expose Magazine and featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and many other publications. He was mentioned as a 'one to watch' on BBC Radio 4 in February 2013. He describes himself as an artist who explores new perspectives in painting. He lives and works both in the United States and the United Kindom.

Addition, Acrylic on Paper, 57 x 39 cm 

Addition II, Acrylic on Paper, 57 x 39 cm 

My paintings explore the relation between daily life and human nature. I perceive humanity as a chocolate cake, where beneath the 'iced' surface lies those more intriguing and challenging mixtures, with fears and social pathology. Through the application and process of painting, I cut a piece of that cake to explore the nature of these problems. Simple yet powerful gestural strokes and mark--‐making, search and re--‐investigate solutions to bring these hidden depths to the surface.


Eight Evils ISIS, Oil on Wood Panel, 31 x 23 cm 

Eight Evils Jim Morrison, Oil on Wood Panel, 31 x 23 cm 

Eight Evils Mick Jagger, Oil on Wood Panel, 31 x 23 cm 

Eight Evils Putin, Oil on Wood Panel, 31 x 23 cm 

 Eight Evils Self Portrait, Oil on Wood Panel, 31 x 23 cm

Extraordinrius II Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 153 cm 

 Extraordinrius Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 183 x 153 cm

 One Side Other - Side II, Oil on Canvas, 77 x 77 cm

One Side Other - Side IV, Oil on Canvas, 77 x 77 cm 

One Side Other - Side, Oil on Canvas, 77 x 7 cm 

One Side Other - Side III, Oil on Canvas, 77 x 77 cm