NERO ENIGMA from Salvinsa on Vimeo.

Dehors/Audela presents


NERO ENIGMA (Black enigma)

concept, film, editing SALVATORE INSANA


sound BRISTOPHE - "Le moyen du bord", from Les fils de la prophétesse

CLAYTON ALPHA - "Movements die when people move", from Reels of an infinite dream, Nowaki label

thanks to CULTURANZE (

Italy, 2014

The human body as last bastion and first defense tool to scour and decode the world.

It is mysterious the foam of our day. The reverse angle of the horizon is always impossible. A daydream in which space, time and action lose their reference coordinates and avail themselves of all obstacles to the narrative that the senses can treat yourself. Scour the senses, dig into the surface, ruining the beauty, enhance it for tampering languages.