Martyna Wolna (born in 1988) - young artist, graduate at ASP (the Academy of Fine Arts) in Gdansk, PhD student at ASP Katowice, painter, performance artist, installation artist. In her works she analyses the matter of femininity and its stereotypes, the progressing object fetishization, the mother-daughter relationship and the present condition of the art market. Her painting subjects include the "waste of society" with non traditional techniques. Some of her works utalized old and discarted canvases as a continuation on that theme. She prefers the simultanious use of oil and acrylics in her paintings. In her installations she often uses literal waste creating provocking forms from materials such as candy pacaking or used gum. Winner of the first price in art installation contest organized by Conradfestival in Cracow (2013) and the second place at the 9th Triennial of Small Painting Forms in Torun (2013).

Description of an artwork (written by Pawel Watroba)

One of seven - GLUTTONY.

The One of seven - GLUTTONY. installation includes module compositions made of wooden objects in sweet wrappers. The glittering forms rresembling miniature urban mock-ups tainted with childhood memories bring to mind fabric plaits. The installation was created as a result of the artist's lasting action of eating chocolate sweets. Thanks to the perfomative manner of treating her body the creative process became also an experimental discovery of her own boundaries, and the work grew authentic.

Initially, the consumption of chocolate sweets did not require any effort from the artist.
However, after a period of time the abundance of sugar in her organism caused disturbing side-effects. The author's installation description included in the work emphasizes the addictive character of sweets (sugar).

Gluttony in reference to the catholic definition of sin is the negation of virtue, the destructive action against oneself and others, emphasizing the precipice between the abundance and the lack. Gluttony in the installation becomes a form of over aesthetized constellation of hues. The sweet mock-ups wrapped in authentic silver wrappers are both the preface to and the consequence of a Pantagruelian feast, causing a glut feeling even before the act of consuming.

The sweets can be understood as a childhood fetish, the fondness of which evokes the child's first dilemmas - to have or to eat. From the point of view of the parents sweets are a popular tool for training - a reward, an apology, a promise, or an argument of emotional blackmail.

The tiny architecture of pleasure wrapped in glittering film relates subversively to reality, where the loss of control over fulfilling one's desires leads to compulsive consumption and mental disorders.