Katya Ohshima-Pilecka, originally from Cambridge and currently completing the final year of Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton. 

I am interested in the seemingly fragile membrane between analogue and digital visual languages. My current practice focuses on themes of ‘glitching’ occurring through both digital and analogue photographic imagery. I am interested in how the reprocessing of visual information through processes of photographic image capture – photographing, scanning and photocopying – causes fragmentation and deconstruction of an initially recognisable image and subsequently transforms data into something new – something which exists as both digital and analogue.

The installation for the degree show ‘Deconstructed data reconstructed to make the invisible visible’ (black and white work) is a collection of transfer prints, represents the digital/technological and the simple/analogue processes coming together. Throughout the designing stage of my prints I bridge between the fields of deconstruction and reconstruction of files digitally - purposefully bending the data and working around the ‘pixel’ - whilst natural imperfections would occur (either by mispositioning or creasing of the paper) during the transferring stage.