Similarly to my written pieces, my abstract photography output follows my thought process. It's quick, not necessarily witty, but automotive, whether in colour or black and white. My work lends itself to architecture, light and space, abstraction occurring at any stage of the photographic process; whether that is viewing a photograph upside down or taking it apart and focusing on a detail. There's a correlation between my preferred medium and architecture, space & light. Chasing light is instant. Light can create an illusionary space all of which make up a building and how people react to it. I pay particular attention to details that are often overlooked as incongruous or ugly. Abstraction occurs when a work is stripped back to its core and my work deals with this on one part, and on another, defines in picture form my thoughts and how I view things. I focus on the slabs you walk on and the high rises you walk past capturing raw everyday moments. What gives a work a hint of unease is, although they picture ordinary everyday moments, you cannot necessarily place them. I began as a portrait artist, and I can't understand why my works are now devoid of human presence. Concrete talks for itself.