d r y


dodo recently exhibited the piece dry at Embassy Tea Gallery, Southbank, London in 'Shades of Yellow' exhibition.


dry is the title for a series of experiments based within one concept. The idea literally stems from the notion of an 'idea' - seemingly the grounding of any piece of art, an ideal creation in someone's head. 
But at the point of which this idea is communicated, does the ideal transmute? 
Is a completely autonomous idea achievable? 

The experiments challenge the connotations of the colour white, a colour commonly associated with purity, cleanliness and light. There is specific focus on the action of a performer applying layers of white paint to a surface, of which Ross and Lloyd did for the duration of the private view of 'Shades of Yellow' exhibition. The surface is then left in a transitional state - dripping and oozing in layers of gloopy white paint. The paint inevitably dries, leaving a protruding abstract and solidified form - a glimpse of expression. 
dry questions the space between the barriers of familiarity and association. Perhaps there is a state of originality that we, as humans, cannot comprehend. We are always trying to find the perfect form, the ideal, the new idea - but in reality we are just adding more white paint to the white wall to, ultimately, dry.


Practice Statement


dodo is an art/performance practice that questions the purpose of art and what it is to be creative. Having a playful and experimental practice allows us to explore subjects such as communication, autonomy and the placement of art in modern society. dodo aims to approach work in terms of pure creativity. 

If you're still confused...
dodo is an idea. 
No it's not, it's a word.
dodo is an idea communicated in the form of a word - a word with familiar connotations of an extinct bird, a word made of two letters from an alphabet of twenty-six, a word which can be read ambiguously, a word which can aspire to a positive repeating of a do action.
So, it is an idea of seeing something in a different way? 
With an idea being defined as a "thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action", dodo proposes a questioning of whether it is truly possible to be creative. In this respect, dodo seeks a different way of seeing creativity. 

Communicating the idea is important then?
Exactly, the nature of an ideas existence completely transforms once it has been shared and thus loses its purest form. An idea - dodo, blossoms and takes flight, (pardon the cliché), when found and shared by others. We need to share to exist. This forms dodo's understanding of creativity anyway. The idea literally stems from conversations Ross and Lloyd have had based around the purity of ideas and creativity, a conversation that continues.


Brief Bio

dodo is a collaborative practice created out of conversations between two recent graduate practitioners, Ross Mason and Lloyd Smith. They want it to remain that way, an on-going conversation, with potential for further collaborations. They currently live and work in East Anglia and have recently exhibited in London.