I would like to introduce Harley, my pet Australian cattle dog and the real power behind the artist Randall Marmet.

She is alway by my side both inside and outside of my studio. She wanted to be in the picture we were shooting the other day, so I decide to include her. She really does have a part in my creative process and she is a true friend. So I would like to start with this picture of her… introduce her as the official Muse of Marmet Fine Art. In my experience, anyone who has never loved a pet, has missed out on a true connection with another soul.

We float over a sea of tumultuous energy.  Right through a barrier of fluid dynamics into a dimension of transcendence where creativity is born in synaptic interaction.  If you could peer into the depths of the creative process, this is where you would find a pulsating liquid nuclei that refuses to be subdued into shape or form and is similar to where life began.  My inspiration came from a deep water dive off the coast of Florida where tropical life was teeming in and around a barrier reef with such energy that it made me feel like I had discovered the secret to the source of life itself.  This sacred place spoke to me in a whisper as I was sworn to secrecy because of it’s fragility.  I cannot return to that place, but I can show you how it felt.


Wellspring of Life  acrylic on canvas

 Creamsicle Sky acrylic on canvas