I am a contemporary artist working with various media. My practice is built on a philosophy of total recycling and has environmental concerns at its heart. I endeavour to make greater use of the things I have around me and I try and reveal something of the specialness in the everyday. I see my position as an artist as being simply an organiser. Every piece I produce is intended to reflect the life of a contemporary artist living and working in a small market town.

Since completing my Fine Art degree program at the University College for the Creative Arts in 2006 I have been involved in many exhibitions and projects that include, The Best of the Hampshire Artists at The Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire in 2006. I was awarded my first solo exhibition at the Allen Gallery in Alton, Hampshire in 2010. I was involved with the Rarities exhibition as part of the Coastal Currents festival in Hastings in 2011. I had a piece exhibited as part of the Freedoms Road exhibition at the Aspex gallery in Portsmouth in 2013. I exhibited at the Fringe Arts Bath festival in 2014, as part of the magnetic artwork exhibition. I also featured at the National brain appeals ‘ A Letter in Mind ` exhibition at gallery oxo in 2014.

Coffee Tin


 Chestnut Mushrooms