This month’s feature artists are Tilly Dagnall and Roberta Orlando.

Tilly Dagnall

Dagnall is not simply a painter. With one glance her voice is heard. The expressionist style bleeding down the canvas screams concerns of feminist ideologies. Her approach in technique is used to develop the many themes being worked on. Dagnall’s work is concise and inciting and I am certain she is as much an asset as she is a challenge to her own contemporaries.

Roberta Orlando

Orlando’s use of the double entendre creates provocative imagery in her performance works. Through visually pinpointing she evokes a discourse between artist and viewer. Her works openly debate issues concerning equality and using an aesthetical lure she sharply states her true agenda.

Roberta Orlando develops her artistic research through video, photography, performance and sound. A big part of her works are dedicated to social, cultural, environmental and political issues, human rights and equality in particular. She obtains notable recognition at international level and she collaborates with major multimedia events worldwide. She works with visual and performative arts in Europe and USA.


as we use to be performance, 10', Milan (IT), 2012


words falling / body standing performance, 3h, Barcelona (ESP), 2012


The Oil Bath performance, 8', Milan (IT), 2012
The issue of oil sponsorship in art organizations. What's the union between art and oil?


A sound used in speech performance, 30', Berlin (DE), 2013


The Loss, The Memory and The Rights performance, variable hours, variable places, 2013
A walk during International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in May.


Come Out Italy, Come Out! performance, 10', Milan (IT), 2013


The Closest Part performance, 10', Oslo (NO), 2013


All the letters performance, 3h, Vienna (AT), 2013
Hours of writing between private and public.
300 yellow rolling possibilities and 3500 sheets of writable messages.