In a few years, Sean Hart, has created poetic and intriguing work, at the limits between Conceptual Art and Urban Art. It is «openly and in his own name» that he works, mainly illegally, and as an independent artist, in cities worldwide. As a stroller and traveller he has developed his art, beyond physical and/or mental borders. His work embraces a multitude of media (Photography, Installations, Performances, Video) and is nourished by on Sean’s journeys and encounter; it proposes a universe that oscillates between poetry and politics, fiction and documentary.



Video projection
Video HD (B&W / Sound)


In a sucession of five fixed frames, the spectator is invited to observe five young men living in the Hillbrow ( district in Johannesburg) who play a magic trick and try to balance a knife on part of their body.

Sean's entire approach, through all the sensitive devices inserted into reality, combines to form the pages of a personal diary. A logbook that questions, shares with others and incites to «Flânerie», inviting the viewer on a journey.





Views of the installation created during the exhibition « Tour Paris 13 » organized by the Gallery Itinerrance.

« Doors » is an installation created on the ninth floor of the « Tour Paris 13 », located at 5 rue Fulton, in the 13th district of Paris. The «Tour Paris 13» is the biggest collective exhibition of «Street Art» ever held. On the initiative of the Gallery Itinerrance, hundreds artists occupied the inside and the outside of a 9-floor building slated for demolition. In the space Sean Hart occupied was part of a former apartment: the entrance hall, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and a part of corridor. The remainder of the flat (the living room and a bedroom) was occupied by the artist, « Sambre ».

Sean Hart completely deconstructed the initial space, beginning with a sledgehammer, opening the partitions to create a long space. With the wood that was in the apartment (from the furniture, walls or floors) he made partitions and doors (open or closed), resembling the universe of a gold, coal, or diamond mine, or of an underground shelter. Fragments from the walls, floors and ceilings, extracted using a hammer or screwdriver, were piled together to create heap of stones on the ground. The heap was then carefully painted white, covered in a fine layer of white dust, and lit up by a white fluorescent 18 w lamp On entering this space, the observer is plunged into a post-apocalyptic space-time. In his wanderings, he will be confronted with a inscription painted in black on one of the walls : « I divide my fears by multiplying the risks adding bridges by subtracting walls ».



«Selfportrait» Sean Hart July 14th 2010. Paris, France.