Some of my friends know me as Maff or Pealo — as well as several other, less frequently-used nicknames. I hardly ever mention this in person because it means I have to spell them out for people, so it’s generally easier for everyone involved if I just introduce myself as Matt. But you can take your pick…

I used to design primarily for the web, but studying at Shillington has helped me branch out to cover visual communication in a broader sense. I’ve worked on a wide range of design projects for a variety of clients over the years – everything from brand identities for fashion designers and responsive WordPress websites for producers, to illustration for festivals and corporate brochures and brands.

As well as working for my own direct clients I’m often sub-contracted by design agencies, either working remotely or in-house. I have my own network of freelance contacts, working in various disciplines ranging from web and app development to search engine optimisation and copywriting. Which means I can take on a wide array of projects that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to complete single-handedly, while you get all of the cost and skill advantages of using a freelancer.

My creative process is very in-depth… I start every project by thoroughly researching my client’s business or organisation, before arranging my research into notes / moodboards and sketching out multiple ideas and variants. Starting each job in this way allows me to produce something that clearly communicates my client’s message, that is both interesting and fit for purpose. It gives you a chance to watch it develop and give your feedback, so we create something you really love.

The Great Seed Festival is a UK-wide celebration being held to recognise and celebrate the importance of seed. My client was seeking an array of illustrations based around seed, fruit, vegetables and plants. The illustrations needed to be executed in a playful, almost childlike manner, inspired by the likes of Quentin Blake.

I went for a modular approach with the illustrations so that they could be arranged however necessary for — and by — my client in both digital and print marketing communications, including an advert in Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.

Campaign for fictional sound art festival. I went for a ‘glitch’ based design for the logo and graphics / textures used throughout the campaign. I refined them quite heavily in Illustrator after the whole ‘glitching’ process with the scanner, all to give the impression of very distorted and complex sounds.

I thought a black & white colour palette would be a good way to give the campaign a darker, more underground feel.