My work is largely composed of discarded, readymade objects and scrap materials - found and collected; reclaiming and redeeming them through a process of cutting, pasting and assemblage. It is a process of meaning making through connection; experimenting with the emotions and thoughts called forth by different combinations of objects, words or images as a way to map the space between brokenness and wholeness – a space that we inhabit daily.

The arrangements of disjointed words and phrases around pie charts or on graphs in my Diagram Poems allude to episodes from imagined histories in which unspecified protagonists struggle to make sense of the beliefs and urges that besiege them. They are collaged of words cut from damaged books and reconfigured to be understood more emotionally than intellectually.

In all main areas of my practice, the work makes use of empathy found in the in-between spaces - between components in an artwork; artworks and each other; artworks and their audience - to explore the potential for every moment to be holy and for everyday objects and events to be conduits of the transcendent.

I draw inspiration for my sculptures from a variety of sources, assembling my works with reference to: symbols and forms from sacred art; mythological and religious narratives; sacramental and superstitious practices; and imagery from the works of contemporary song writers as well as my own songs and Diagram Poems.





The use of readily available materials and objects amplifies the possibility of genuine connection between viewer and the materiality of a piece - through familiarity and the notion that anybody could work creatively with these materials. I am interested in traditional, collective and personal religious practices and the possibility that art making - as another personal ritual - may help us in untangling and renegotiating the threads of those traditions, finding deeper meaning in the uncomfortable process of living.