"Each moment is virgin, even the repeated one-you can't repeat anything exactly-even yourself" John Cage.

My artwork is Abstract. It is about composing. I focus on materials, processes, and actions. Sound, geometry, maths, and images inspire me. Without intending to reproduce or represent experience, I am influenced by it. Experience is distilled. Concepts remain, the narrative discarded.

The creative process is as important as the objects I make; a choreography, performance or improvisation. I create systems to work within, or to explore the boundaries of. I often use chance systems to control the composition. Drawing is fundamental.

The outcomes are prints, paintings, mixed media constructions and installations.

All the work in this show is abstract, to be viewed as compositions using visual elements rather than as a representation of reality. 

Timeline is a meditative, interactive environment using sound movement and visual elements. The movement has become the line, a moving point, I have used vertical lines because they are more abstract (horizontal lines are possible horizon lines), and invented systems to decide when and how materials are used. I have woven together line, sound and time.

The installation has 4 features:

Timeline, a series of documented line drawings. In these I have invented systems with a combination of controlled actions (ruled and hand drawn) and those which are harder to control (Indian ink brushed and dripped) and the surfaces have been changed by scratching and scoring. In this way I have made works which have an element of unpredictability and invention. The challenge of working with chance has enabled me to work more intuitively. As the work progressed the documentation became more definite with a time noted for each drawn line. As in an observational drawing; the more you look, the more detail becomes apparent.

Palindrome is the culmination of Timeline. Four suspended drawings the 1st and 4th have the same pattern as do the 2nd and 3rd. The plans are the same both forward and backward, although the pieces don't look exactly the same. Even if they did there is a documented time difference. The initial drawings for Palindrome are displayed next to it as well as the plan for the large drawings.

Ritual was directly inspired by my love of Tai Chi. It comprises 8 floor drawings and one wall drawing. It is about performance, the ritualistic act of building the work, each moment and action is significant. I think that this idea underpins all the works in the installation.

Music. I started to compose it at the same time as I started working on Timeline. Experimenting with a music program I put together lines of notes and layered them creating sound textures. The lines of sound link to the drawn lines and imitate the recurring nature of the drawings. I wanted to create the music pieces in the same systemic way that I had made the drawings, but found it difficult to build in a chance element. I have used the music it anyway to augment the ambiance of the installation.