I am a 30 year old male from Yorkshire, and have been making art to try to illustrate contemporary life for most of my adult life. Disillusionment, a sense of loss and a growing concern with how the post-millennial world began to unfold in front of my eyes, made making work an intrinsic way of steering myself through these days.

A Psychic Timebomb

I believe my work is an attempt at mapping out the world as I experience it through landscape drawings, trying to embed a myriad of pressing concerns so that they can be seen as reflecting, and connected to, each other. Although the work has a deeply sinister, foreboding, wasteland-nature to it, this often feels like the only expressive form that I have anymore; for me individual expression/the freedom to be whom one wants to be in this world is compressed to a mere glimmer of light through a crack in what usually appears like a dead end, and I believe my work shows this in the 'maddened' crowds, of which I am certainly a part. Likewise, I never feel like I have chosen to make such artwork, more that it's the only thing I feel I can do, even if this exposes my shortcomings in being unable to project a positive/alternative to a world I find so displeasing.


Coils Tightening


Ill Equipped 

The ideas for my work always precede putting pen to paper; and their formulation in my mind takes much longer now, but when they come together it brings both great relief and great excitement. I want to do justice to all that hidden labour that has been underway in my head, and for this reason these doodles have no choice but to become murals. 




The Planets Mental Illness