My practice investigates interiority and the photographic gaze through the still and moving image. It considers how identity might be represented in relation to the notion of the Gothic, where 'haunted spaces' are affected by a past that disrupts the present. Images of the female protagonist, skin, dust, abandoned domestic rooms and discarded objects, establish fictitious documentaries. Grouping of images suggest a sense of fearful enchantment where flashlight illuminates darkness, and darkened rooms promise security.



The project (M)other explores an analogy between the body of the Mother, the figure of the 'Monstrous Female' and the interior of a worn English house. Here, photographs of sun-drenched wallpaper and spider webs alongside the visceral surface of the ageing female body become subjects of fascination. The physical security of home is called into question, where leaking ceilings and darkened corners suggest the embodiment of an un-named or unknowable fear. Imperfections in shadowy vein riddled skin present the maternal body as being at once haunted and as the site of nurture.












Selected past exhibitions include the solo show Identity Crisis (Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston), Show RCA 2014 (Royal College of Art, London) and Autres pour elles-mêmes (New Lacan School of Psychoanalysis, Geneva). Recent publications include an artist profile on the online Hunger TV's online magazine and the forthcoming Black Dog book Science & Fiction.