Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. After immigrating to the United States with her parents as a child, Dimitrina obtained a bachelors of arts in fine arts from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and a masters of arts, specializing in printmaking, from the University of Iowa. She later obtained her certification and master’s in education and is now working full-time as an artist. Dimitrina lives in Collinsville, Illinois with her husband and daughter.

A Strange Predicament, Silverpoint with Colored Pencil

The two distinct types of images that I create are, in many ways, complementary to each other. The more stylized, graphic representations of the figurative roots represent the darker, more cynical side of the mind, while the realistically rendered landscapes become the expression of the more pliable, understandable human emotions. I believe that both are part of our wholeness, although we are not always keenly aware of either one.

The organic, human-like images of roots and trees are more symbolic in nature, attempting to express the helpless, even meaningless, but nonetheless powerful, entanglement of human relationships. Such feelings, although very human, have an inherent malice, a stifling power that becomes the master of the spirit, thus preventing the creative element from breaking loose or allowing the individual to transcend the ordinary. Their abstraction is the vagueness in our understanding of emotions, in our inability to surpass the immediate and the elementary. Thus, we remain rooted in our daily state of perseverance, sometimes attempting to thrust out of the entailing predicament, and at others, remaining dangling in the timeless hopelessness of the situation, or merely existing in silent acceptance of our emotional and intellectual limitations.

 A Family Affair, Watercolor


Eternal Sleep, Graphite


Infestation, colored pencil and graphite 


The Leader, pen and ink


How Did This Happen, Colored Pencils


Natural Bondage, Graphite 

The landscapes are, in a sense, a much easier task, as it is natural for me to relate to the sky, the hills, the trees, the gentle ponds and valleys. These works possess a rehabilitative capacity, as neither their loneliness nor pretense can hurt and destroy one's vitality for living. These are images, imitations, and facsimiles of what is real, without the potency or urgency presented by human interactions. They become my single means of feeling a unity with the world around me, of restoring contact between my art and the everyday world. These works eliminate the sense of hopelessness, bringing me, and hopefully the viewer, into a tangible world of emotions felt and comprehended.

Although somewhat contradictory in manifestation, the works are the results of the same strive, a desire to give an artistic expression to the complexity of the feelings that penetrate our very being. Whether in a more realistic setting or through more unusual images, they attempt to depict the forces within us and, thus, delineate the essential from the overwhelming reality of incomprehensible appearances.


A Place in My Mind, Oil on Canvas


An Early Winter, pen and ink with wash 


Autumn Glow, Oil on Canvas 


Endurance, Oil on Canvas 


Roots by the Sea, Oil on Canvas


 The Essence of Warmth, Oil on Canvas


 On a Rainy Day, Oil on Board