I like to make I am a maker

Inquisitive and creative, driven by narrative and philosophical thinking, I explore poetics of the everyday through a multidisciplinary approach.

This approach exploits a range of expressions, not being limited to a single discipline.

Ashley graduated in 2012 from Leeds School of Architecture where he was nominated for the RIBA President Medal for his proposal 'Istanbul - an everyday landscape: life and death'.

Having previously studied a degree in Fine Art has given Ashley the opportunity to explore architecture more creatively. This is evident in the range of independent projects which have manifested since 2006.

More recently he has worked for Karakusevic Carson Architects, where he was lead designer on the London Festival of Architecture exhibition 'Ten Estates: Ten Social Housing Projects in London' in June 2014.

He has worked with Frieze Art Fair, Aicon Gallery, David Hockney, Land Security, and exhibited independent works in Manchester, Leeds, London and Berlin.


Observations in the Everyday


Mundane, banal and repetitive everyday events and occurrences are brought into focus in order to create a documentary record of everyday observations.

Operating from three window viewpoints on Clerkenwell Road, as if looking out onto a stage, a performance begins; the street becomes the performance, an honest, unstaged performance.

As if I was undercover, a inconspicuous silhouette in a window, I found myself wanting to observe the street, day and night, in noise and in utter silence, sometimes jumping out of bed to document an instinctive moment in time.

The street becomes a stage of everydayness.

The series uses an experimental approach. Using both 35mm black and white, and colour film in a black and white process. The whole process is experimental, changing developing and processing times to formulate a desired outcome. The quality of the grain, the dust caught during the home developing process, and the unashamed watermarks combine to present an honest and gritty documentation of the everyday; almost a filmic representation.