The Divine Comedy is a personal struggle with the hypocrisy of the religious hierarchy. The Disasters of War looks at the horrors of humanity through the eyes of reason. Animal Farm is an anthropomorphical parody of the inevitability of the social and ideological struggles gripping the world failing. The Wizard of Oz is an abstract commentary on the emerging political landscape as the man behind the curtain.

I am developing my own work along a similar vein as these yet intrinsic with the current struggle with our own contemporary globalized brand of individualism. An individualism where selfish competitiveness is a valued condition and is excused its cannibalistic and fundamentally desolate prospects whilst receiving the prestige of a dearly cherished and seemingly indispensable quality; however it only compliments the disparities and divisive petty hatreds that perpetuate the overcast and confused hierarchy of wealth and poverty; the hilltop castle and concentration camps below.

The accompanying works are in the very beginning of development three of which feature the main personality Svetlana and all of which feature her companion Babbles.