Shirine Osseiran is a Lebanese Dutch visual Artist who lives and works in London. She went to the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (The Netherlands), holds a BA in painting from Chelsea college of Art and Design and an MA in Fine Art from Kingston University. Since 2006 she has been producing work primarily in her west London studio taking exhibitions as a medium to re-contextualize her work. Her Art production includes paintings, videos and photographs. Her work has been exhibited in London (UK), Beirut (Lebanon), The Hague (The Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland) and Doha (Qatar) as part of 'Hurouf ' an Exhibition hold by Sotheby's in December 2010.

Colour and movement are primary elements in my work. I am forever transformed in the presence of each or the other. I am interested in the flow of positive energy which colour can transfer to us and the mysterious transformation we experience through repetition like Music and meditation.


My interest in Arabic (Islamic) Calligraphy is derived from its universal beauty rather than any specific religious connotations. I am inspired by poems and proverbs. I start with words but through a playful process of repetition, mirroring and flipping, the words merge with the background transforming the image into an abstract entity. The final work is fulfilled by its abstract essence rather than its legibility. An on going project is "The Self project" which focuses on the flow of positive energy though self development. It is inspired by the belief in self-empowerment as an essential element in our happiness and universal peace.



My photographs explore my interest in the intersection between painting and photography. By staging materials in my studio and using the sunlight and the changing effect of natural light, I produce most of my photographs. Conversely I take my camera outside my studio and explore further experimentations. I am interested is in the saturation and the layering of colours, image as photograph, which stems from my interest in abstraction and connection with painting. Intuition and experimentation play a big role in my production process. After a long course of examination and elimination, the outcome are images exhibiting their own reality.



This body of work was based on spontaneous drawings or responsive sketches to perceptual encounters. It is mostly concerned with a search for energy, space and relating music to a visual state. The use of structure and repetition derives from music. These elements progressed into becoming an essential part of my work echoing a universal sense of chance and order.