I love painting figures, specifically women. My artworks explore the different possible ways of portraying women in the most beautiful way.

These are just a few of my visuals within my "Bohemian Spirit" theme. It explores my dreams and desires for a bohemian and gypsy fantasies.

I concentrated on the anatomy through the use of smooth and rough brush strokes, with the addition of textures giving it that whimsical appeal.


Boho Chic


Dame De Noche


The Dream Catcher 

Born in Manila, Philippines and a graduate of Fine Arts, Advertising major in University of Santo Tomas in 1990. After graduation, I worked in Advertising and Design companies for two years.

By 1992, I left Philippines and worked as a Flight Attendant for 10 years. Enjoyed globetrotting until my call for motherhood came. I spent another 10 years as a Mom and as a Housewife.

It was in September 2012 when I went back to work as a Flight Attendant again, but later on found out that my family and I have to move to UK.

It is here in UK that I have realize, It is never too late to fulfill my dreams once more as an Artist. I started painting again…focusing on what inspires me, my childhood memories and fantasies.

So far, I have done quite a few artworks and I'm truly enjoying it. I am bursting with ideas whenever I close my eyes.

My way to rediscovering "ART" may take me to the path where I would love to be….and it may take me somewhere else. But whatever happens and I know deep in my heart, that I will never stop painting again.

Art is something deep seated within me and no matter where life leads me…I will always bring out the "Artist in me".