A born and bred Northern lass, I graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Fine Art. After graduation I set-up my own creative business, Red Plastic Factory and had lots of fun designing and making Reconstructed Clothing and Acrylic Charm Jewellery. I've had lots of 'proper jobs' too of course, including working in Admin, Marketing and Sales...but that's not very interesting!

I've recently switched paths, trained in photography and am busily setting about establishing myself as a freelance photographer. My practice is fairly broad right now, but my favourite subject is people, I just love shooting portraits!



The photographs submitted were part of a personal mini-project to shoot portraits of Street Musicians working in Park Guell, Barcelona whilst they were busy playing. My aim was to capture them either 'lost' in their music or to present an accidental dialogue by capturing them, by chance, looking straight into my lens.