Waiting To Be Reunited. Strawberries suspended above polystyrene block. Installation.

Toni Fielding considers her work in terms of unfinished fragments, with each piece leading to further inspiration and innovative ideas. Fielding’s work directly responds to her personal experiences and challenges the way in which we perceive these situations and add our own perspective to them, through a narrative format. By working with such themes as loss and emotional impact, Fielding aims to recreate instances through the process of absorbing said experiences and translating them in to a new image. This enables them to take on a new life and attempts to differentiate the parallels between what is conceived as reality or thought. This is often achieved through manipulating light within the works to create an atmospheric experience. By using everyday visuals, Fielding hopes to create a relationship with the viewer through the means of recognition and attempts to place the viewer within the work through their own physical relation. These are often framed instances that would be overlooked in their original context and her films in particular aim to deconstruct the everyday and relay it back to the audience in a new formation, laying emphasis on minute details within the work.


“To Have And To Hold” A dozen frozen roses, suspended from beam. Installation.