Reflecting on myself as an artist it has been an endeavour to gain a meaningful understanding of the formative moments that have shaped my life. I am resolute in challenging my emotions with depth and contemplation in the pursuit of obtaining the genuine truths that define myself. Throughout my artistic practise is a commitment to create work that is engaging and confrontational with the intention it possesses a commanding presence.



The Crescendo 

The primary medium I work in is Textiles as it has enabled me to communicate my thoughts with conviction and complexity that I have yet to find in other art forms. I choose to work in fabric as it is an emotive material that has the power to encapsulate periods and cultures, which I then use to imprint my own connotations. Collaging surfaces and techniques has lead to me composing artworks on an elaborate scale that portray the events and actions consequential to myself.





A significant aspect of my creative process is performing with theatre actors who act as a sounding board to evoke perceptions and reactions I would not expect. I collaborate with a number of practitioners that have the technical expertise to assist me in bringing together the visual components to realise my art. This exchange of dialogue has encouraged me to explore new disciplines and delve deeper into the core principles that define me as an artist.