My prints share a non-representative approach to life. To be more specific, I aim to detach the representative forms from reality. In order to do that, shapes and colours have no specific significance for me. Because I am not working with forms that have a representational meaning for the eye, the reality created in my prints seems intangible.


Cruel Intentions


Rather than depicting something known, I give importance to the harmony. This is why, in all my monoprints I am trying to see the role of gestures and in what way they influence our perception.

Starting to deform the human shape I was intrigued by the simple movement of the line. From this point on, rearranging the blocks of colours and giving them texture was my only aim. Creating a certain emotion or just giving life and expression to what seems to be a random gesture, I realised that my personal vocabulary was an allusion of the word that I am living in.

Part of Me


Waiting For The Prade

Using more frequently the monotype and overlaying different plates, the rhythm became complex; the visual impact was diverse. That is why all my prints have this dynamic if not powerful and in a way obsessive gestural movement. To be fair my works do not talk about something in particular, rather than freedom of the language.


In the end I am trying through my works to simplify the process of seeing and to discover the aesthetic pleasure and meaning in the compositions.