I was born in Istanbul in 1974. After my first year of MA in Visual Art at University College Falmouth, I decided to freeze my study and work as a design consultant for an architectural practice whilst exhibiting in galleries both in the UK and Turkey. Having graduated from the Marmara University Fine Art Academy Istanbul in 1999, my works have been exhibited in the 6th Istanbul Biennale 'Passion and The New Wave" in 1999, selected solo exhibition at Newlyn & Exchange Art Gallery/ Penzance in June /2014, Bridport Arts Centre in February/2014, "2,5x 3,8 cm" Norwich Arts Centre in 2012 .

Do You Want To Build A Snowman 36,5cm x 40 cm Mixed Media On Paper.

Embrace 67x100 cm Mixed Media on Paper.

Reflecting the emotional dimensions of personal memories, collected histories, and cultural myths, I constantly search for new possibilities, thriving on chance outcomes and the connections (physical and virtual) that link nature and the overlooked realities of our lives. As an artist concerned with real life stories, I am affected by those with untold, sometimes overwhelming, hidden perspectives.

My practice seeks to establish dialogue, exchange critical perspectives and generate sometimes uncomfortable questions. My goal through my work is to express my interpretation of the world around me and tell stories that evoke a sense of wonder and fascination.

Kiss Me Deadly 36,5cm x 40 cm Mixed Media On Paper.


Peekaboo 36.5 x 40cm Mixed Media on Paper.

In my current work, combining elements of painting and photography, I aim to create an illusion reflecting the familiarity of our psychical world. Macro details of enlarged photographic images provide the background, overlaid with painted collaged and features which entangle reality with fantasy, and convey a sense of ambiguity, this mixed media works are direct responses to my surrounding environment through immediate everyday experiences.


Promises Are Frozen 67x100cm Mixed Media on Paper.


Timeless Moment... 67x100cm Mixed Media on Paper.

Worrying Is Harder Than I Thought Mixed Media on Paper.